Sexual Assault & Harassment

Middlebury supports an atmosphere of respect and does not tolerate any form of harassment, sexual or otherwise within the program. This includes, but is not limited to, unwanted conduct of a sexual nature, or any intimidating or hostile acts directed toward any individual, regardless of his/her association with the program. If you experience any type of sexual harassment, regardless of whether the offender has any relationship with our program, please notify your on-site staff immediately so they can develop an appropriate course of action on your behalf.

Studying abroad may increase your risk of unwanted sexual contact.  The Department of State has this to say: Although the site addresses itself to women travelers, it contains information for everyone.

Our on-site staff is your primary resource for advice to keep yourself safe and can also direct you to local support resources, including: We also have information by site (scroll for your site) to local laws as well as local support resources on our website.

To help protect yourself from sexual assault and harassment:

  • Do not accept the invitation to visit somebody unless you know him/her well.
  • Move yourself to a crowded place if a person follows you.
  • Day and night, be careful when walking around alone and avoid traveling alone.
  • Avoid using headphones in public, both to protect your music device from being noticed and stolen and to avoid distracting you when you need to be alert.