Internet & Email

Computer facilities at the universities can be very limited, although they are improving. You should expect to do your work and your email on a laptop at home then save your work on a website such as Dropbox or Google Drive and find a print shop, or take your work on a USB flash drive to a print shop for printing and/or connecting to the internet. Most places in Brazil are now offering Wi-Fi, so accessing the web should no longer be a problem.  If you do not take a laptop with you, you will need to type your papers at computer labs at your host university, which may be filled with other students, especially in the afternoons.  You should be able to access your home school account and this is a good way to ensure you receive important information from your home campus. Note that support for Apple computers can be limited, especially outside capital cities. It’s a good idea to set a weekly computer time limit and then stick to it. Most of your free time should be spent exploring life outside of the virtual world.