Academic Resources

‘The Bodleian Library’ (Photo by Katherine O’Hara, M-CMRS Spring 2017)


Middlebury-CMRS students have access to the Bodleian Library system, to Keble College Library, and to the program’s own Feneley Library.  Students are able to access the Bodleian’s electronic resources within the library itself, and can access Middlebury College’s electronic resources from any computer.  Introductions to all the library resources form part of the orientation program.  Further information about using libraries can be found in the following sections:

Bodleian Libraries

Non-Bodleian Libraries

The City of Oxford 

Both the city and University of Oxford are rich in resources which should hugely enrich your studies and life while you are at M-CMRS; it would be a great waste if did not exploit them thoroughly. Here are some places and ways to make a start:

Oxford Museums & Galleries

Reading About Oxford

Learning Outside the Classroom

As associate members of Keble College, one of Oxford’s largest colleges, Middlebury-CMRS students are able to participate fully in university life. At Keble, a short walk from St. Michael’s Hall, students can take meals at the dining hall, relax in the common room, work out in the fitness room, and study in the Victorian library and reading rooms.

Many students also join Keble sports teams and clubs, such as the college choir, the drama society, and the college newspaper. You can learn more about getting involved at Keble College here. Students also have access to all branches of Oxford’s Bodleian Library, as well as university-wide sporting facilities and student associations. Throughout the semester, Middlebury-CMRS administrators create opportunities for cultural activities and access to local events, concerts, and theatrical performances.

Computer Use

Please take the time to read this short guide which will help you get the best from the computer facilities in St. Michael’s Hall, including the rules, facilities, how to use the desktop computers and information for laptop users.