Computer Guide

Students enrolled at Middlebury-CMRS receive a Middlebury email account which is accessed using a username and password.   Students can set this email account to forward to their usual email address.  The account also allows students to gain entry to online databases and ebooks on the Middlebury College Library system.

St Michael’s Hall has a networked Apple Mac computing system with permanent access to the internet. The Apple Macs and cross-platform printer are accessible 24-hours a day. St Michael’s Hall is covered by wireless networks and there are Ethernet points in teaching rooms and every study-bedroom.

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop and ensure it is covered by appropriate insurance. The internet/network may be accessed by Mac or PC Laptops (designed to take 220-240v and 50mHz) which are airport/wireless enabled or installed with an Ethernet card, port, and Ethernet cord (RJ45 connector).  You are required to have regularly updated anti-virus software installed on your laptop before connecting to the St. Michael’s Hall network or internet.  You must learn how to use and set up your own computer before coming – we do not have an IT specialist on staff so can only be of limited help to you.


Under no circumstances unplug the desktop computers to connect your laptops – Spare Ethernet points are available in the Room of Requirement and further Ethernet points can be found in the Lecture Hall, Seminar Room and all Study-bedrooms.  Middlebury-CMRS Wireless networks  also cover all areas of the building.

Under no circumstances:

  • install your own software onto the desktop computers
  • change setting or preferences on the desktop computers

The M-CMRS Student Printer is stocked and maintained by staff:

  • Do not attempt to open the Printer
  • add paper
  • add toner
  • clear jams

Keep the desk areas clean and tidy at all times.

Operate the window blinds with care and do not prop the window open with them!

All laptops must have regularly updated anti-virus software installed before connecting to the network.

Help is available during office hours by contacting the Administrator, either in person, by ; during the evening help is available from from the on-duty Junior Dean.

Computer Facilities

The desktop computers are accessible 24 hours a day.  The computers have been installed with up to date software and are connected to the Internet. To activate the computers simply click the student button on the log-in screen.


All software icons are shown on the dock at the bottom of the screen. Click the icon to activate the application you wish to use:

Microsoft Office 2004 – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, MSN Messenger
Safari and Firefox – Internet browsers
Acrobat Reader – reads PDF files downloaded from the internet.
Others programmes include: Dictionary, Text Edit, Photo Booth, iWeb, iChat, Stickies/Notes, and Dashboard

Please do not change the settings in ‘Preferences’ on the desktop computers as it will affect others’ use of them.  We do not have an IT specialist on the staff it may also take time to reset these preferences.

Cloud/Flash Drives/Memory Sticks:

We recommend that you save your work regularly with a back-up copy to the cloud (or a flash drive/memory stick) – every term students lose files/documents which they may have laboured on for many hours. When you have finishd using the MCMRS desktop computers make sure you drag the flash drive/memory stick icon into the trash on the desktop BEFORE you attempt to remove it – warning: failing to do this will possibly result in drives becoming corrupted.  Always logout and close email/other online accounts.


The student printer is stocked and maintained by the staff – do not attempt to open the printer, add paper, add toner, or clear jams.

To print from your laptop:


  • The iMacs in the Room of Requirement are set up to print to the printer.
  • You can also print pdf’s, jpegs, etc. (not Word, etc.), from a memory stick by plugging it into the machine.

We allow 1 ream of paper per student per semester so please consider whether you need to print everything… particularly e-resources!

Internet and E-mail

Desktop computers are permanently connected to the network and laptops can be connected via the St. Michael’s Hall Wireless Networks or Ethernet Ports in the building.

Downloading from the Internet:

It is possible to download files from the internet.  Files will be automatically downloaded to the desktop of the MCMRS computers and open when you click on the download icon.  Once you have finished the downloaded file please drag the file icon to the trash. Certain types of files, games and MP3’s are blocked due to legal issues and size of downloads.

Laptop Addendum

Important Note – You are required to have regularly updated anti-virus software installed on your computer before connecting to the Internet. We do not have an IT department so we can only be of limited assistance to you in setting up your laptop.

Please contact the Administrator for the passwords for the Wireless networks. Please do not give out the passwords to others as excessive user traffic will result in controlled access logging and a reduced service.

CMRS Ethernet Network

You will need an ethernet cable (RJ45) and an ethernet card/connector built into your laptop.  There are active ethernet points in the Computer Room, student study-bedrooms, the Lecture Hall, and the Seminar Room.  If you find a point that is not active, please email the Administrator with the ethernet point number (between 1 and 80 labelled on the socket), your name and room number; you should allow 24hrs for the port to be made active. You will also need to set-up your computers TCP/IP settings, indicating that you are connecting via ‘Ethernet’.

PC Laptop Repairs:  Currys PC World Oxford

Mac Laptop Repairs:  Western Computer