Hospitals and Medical Service

Emergency Medical Numbers and Addresses

Emergency: Call 999

Medical Practice:
28 Beaumont Street
Surgery: 01865 311 811
Out of Hours:
0845 345 8995

All students are registered at the medical practice at 28 Beaumont Street, only a five-minute walk from St. Michael’s Hall, which offers a full range of medical services. Middlebury-CMRS students are treated as private patients unless registered for at least six months, which entitles you to free care under the National Health Service. On-site staff will assist you in arranging appointments.


All Middlebury-CMRS students are covered by GeoBlue, a worldwide medical insurance plan. The cost of this insurance is included in the programme fee and Middlebury College will register you with GeoBlue. This coverage is mandatory and cannot be waived. Students who are required to enroll in insurance through their home institution will not be eligible for a refund or other recompense for the cost of coverage through Middlebury College.

Details of your registration will be emailed to your email account. Be sure to print out your medical insurance card from the GeoBlue Website. A direct billing plan is in place at the local medical practice that serves Middlebury-CMRS students in Oxford, so you must take your GeoBlue insurance card to all appointments.

Emergency Services

Middlebury partners with Global Rescue for medical and security advisories, as well as evacuation services in the event of a natural disaster or political crisis.  Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage is provided as a part of students’ medical insurance with GeoBlue.