Room Telephones

Each study bedroom in St. Michael’s Hall has a telephone for incoming and internal calls. Once accommodation has been allocated, you will be given your telephone number to pass on to your family and friends.

Cell Phones

Students are required to have a working mobile (cell) phone while they are in the UK. Students often purchase international mobile (cell) phones or SIM cards once they arrive in the UK. There are many shops in the immediate vicinity of Middlebury-CMRS where students may purchase phones on contract, pre-paid or pay-as-you-go, from as little as £10. Occasionally students who have brought mobiles with them have encountered problems connecting internationally and/or locally, even though their US provider has told them it would work, and of course it is always more difficult to rectify this kind of problem when overseas.

Students wishing to make regular calls overseas may find it more convenient to use an Internet Instant Messenger Service.

Public Phones

Pre-paid telephone calling cards are also readily available to purchase and will work with payphones located near St. Michael’s Hall to place calls back to the USA from the UK. Most public phones will not take cash, but will accept credit cards or pre-paid calling cards.