There is an orientation session and welcome reception at 5pm on the evening of your arrival, which you must attend.

A busy schedule of various obligatory orientation events also take place throughout the first week of your arrival and include registration at the Bodleian library; an introduction to Keble College and the facilities on offer there; the facilities at M-CMRS; as well as everything to do with the academic side of your time in Oxford and talks relating to using the medical and mental health services.

Along with alot of other information the following will be covered during on-site orientation, but feel free to familiarize yourself with the material before arrival or refer back to it at any time during your stay:

On-Site Orientation Notes

Domestic Information

Health & Safety is always the first priority. Please read the information provided on noticeboards in your rooms ‘Living in St Michael’s Hall’ and around the building, as well as circular e-mails, handouts and other information distributed by staff.

Junior Deans

The Junior Deans are in charge of health and safety out of office hours. You must obey their instructions as they also have disciplinary and pastoral responsibilities. One of the Junior Deans will be on duty every evening: 6pm-9am, 7/7, and a rota is emailed and posted on the main noticeboard. Watch this video to learn more about the role of the Junior Deans.

Fire Precautions

  • St Michael’s Hall is an old and complicated building so it is very important that you make sure you are familiar with the fire alarms, extinguishers, and exit routes.
  • In event of fire sound the alarm, leave the building as quickly as possible, and then phone 999 or 112.
  • Do not re-enter until told by the Fire Officer it is safe to do so.
  • Assembly point: 18A New Inn Hall Street (diagonally opposite front door under the Coventry Sign)
  • Smoking: St Michael’s Hall is a ‘Smoke Free’ building – all areas are NO SMOKING Smoking in the building will not be tolerated and under British law may result in a fine and possible criminal prosecution.
  • No burning of candles, josticks, incense or naked flame – also an insurance violation.
  • No guests overnight or after midnight under any circumstances: Overnight guests are an infringement of our insurance as well as a health & safety risk – we need to be aware of who is in the building overnight in case of a fire/other emergency situation.
  • An Oxford Accommodation list is available for all visitors to make alternative arrangements
  • Fire alarm tests weekly – see ‘Living in St Michael’s Hall’ in your room.
  • All doors marked ‘Fire Door’ to be kept shut. This means any door fitted with a closer must not be wedged open – including study bedrooms, JCR & kitchen, and Room of Requirement, teaching/study rooms.
  • Fire exits are marked with green signs around the building.
  • Keep fire exits and corridors clear (no bikes, sports’ kit, shoes or chairs!). Do not restrict free movement in the corridors in any way, especially with flammable ‘trip hazards’.
  • Discharging fire extinguishers or interfering with fire systems is a criminal offence.
  • Turn the stove/cooker/hob off completely when you have finished with it/them.
  • Do not leave cooking unattended under any circumstances.
  • Do not cover desk lamps, vanity lights above sinks or ceiling lights with any type of material/paper – they get very hot and are likely to catch fire if you do this.
  • Do not install any type of portable heater in your room – if you are cold please report to Administration. If a portable heater is found in your room, it will be removed.

Other domestic hazards

  • Electricity is supplied at 220-240V & 50mHz. If your appliance does not state it can be used with this supply, do not use it. US hair driers, adaptors, etc. are particularly prone to problems.
  • Apply common sense with electrical appliances. Do not touch with wet hands; use multiple socket adaptors and extension leads as little as possible; do not use an unsafe-looking appliance.
  • If you smell or suspect a Gas leak, do not turn anything on or off, or use any source of ignition. Notify
  • Administration or (out of office hours) the Duty Junior Dean immediately.
  • Do not store things on the window sills. Even the lowest floor of St Michael’s Hall is very high above innocent passers-by! Do not tamper with the wires and spikes on window sills. They are not for guitar or harp practice, but to defeat pigeons (carriers of lots of diseases and bedbugs).

Staying away overnight

  • You can go away whenever you want (but remember you have a lot of work to do…). It would be wise to set your schedule and review your personal workload before making too may travel plans.
  • If you are going to be away overnight you must sign out in the Absence Book (outside the Library) with as much detail as possible. Notify us of any changes of plan.
  • You must take your mobile ‘phone with you when on a trip out of Oxford
  • Keep your GeoBlue (medical insurance) card with you at all times.
  • Keep the M-CMRS Contact details with you at all times

Personal Safety

  • Although it may look like an open-air museum, Oxford is a city, with all the usual dangers and problems.
  • Be sensible about walking or running about the city on your own especially after dark and later at night
  • Do not give money to beggars in the street. (You can donate to Oxford Homeless Pathways).
  • Do not let strangers into the building: use the phone-based system only if you are sure who you are admitting! You are responsible or anyone you let into the building.
  • If you’re thinking of getting a bicycle you must speak to Marie-Louise about safety, traffic laws etc, and see www.cyclox.org
  • Lost Keys: you will be charged £10 for each key lost before a new set is issued.
  • Please keep your keys on the original key fobs.
  • Do not write your address on the key fobs.
  • Always lock your study bedroom door when you leave. Unfortunately there have been thefts in the past.

We recommend you to lock valuables in the locking drawer in your room or bring them to the Admin office to be locked in the safe.


  • Let staff know if you’re unwell: Fiona/Marie-Louise/Alex during weekdays; Duty Junior Dean out of office hours.  If you need to see a doctor and appointment can be made at 28 Beaumont Street.
  • Minor Ailments (e.g. colds, minor sore throats, flu): try the pharmacist/chemist.
  • Medical emergencies (e.g. fractures, fits, falls with loss of consciousness, sudden acute breathlessness) dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Ambulance Service. Also alert staff.
  • Other illness You are all registered with a medical practice and are covered by health insurance (including mental health counseling). We will provide further details during orientation but please ask if you need the details sooner.
  • Once you have used toilet paper, please flush it down the toilet. Please DO NOT place it in the rubbish or sanitary bins.
  • Feminine hygiene products (e.g. sanitary towels, tampons) should be disposed of in the closed grey bins provided in each toilet, NOT in the toilet itself or a wastepaper/kitchen bin. Likewise sanitary bins should not be used for other sorts of waste.
  • Noise:If you are disturbed by
    • noise inside the building after 10pm please talk to the Duty Junior Dean at the time of the disturbance.
    • external noise from deliveries, etc., outside the ‘acceptable hours’ of Monday to Friday 07:30-17:30 and Saturdays 07:30-13:00, please contact the City Council’s Out-of-Hours Team on +44 (0)1865 249811 at the time the noise is going on.
    • Please do not be afraid to ask the Duty Junior Dean for the use of their phone if necessary.


  • You are responsible for cleaning your own room: vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies are readily available. Please ask for supplies at the Admin office.
  • You are also responsible for cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen, bathroom & shower:
  • In the kitchen this includes wiping down work surfaces, and washing, drying and putting your dishes away. If the kitchen becomes squalid, it will be shut.
  • In the shower rooms a mop and bucket are provided for you to mop up any overflow, footprints etc.
  • Toilet brushes are provided for use when necessary.
  • Please do not use bedroom sinks for washing up dirty dishes or for disposal of food waste.
  • M-CMRS operates a recycling system for all rubbish. Please co-operate by sorting the waste you generate by taking it to the appropriate Rubbish Stations – see ‘Living in St Michael’s Hall’ in your room.
  • Please empty the bins in your room regularly – at least once a week!


  • Exchange your bed linen (sheets, duvet cover, and pillow cases) at the Administration Office between 10.30 and 11am on Monday mornings.
  • A coin-operated laundry is provided for your clothes and towels: you will need £1.40 (£1 and two 20p coins) for each wash or tumble dry.

General Domestic Matters

  • Normal Administration Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm and 2-5pm.
  • Normal Administration Office lunch break: 1-2pm.
  • Duty Junior Dean Hour: 7/7, 6pm-9am.
  • If you need a new light bulb or fluorescent tube, see Mrs Kilby.
  • Please report Repairs and Problems about the building to Mrs Kilby or Junior Deans in person or by e-mail. We are not psychic and may well not find out about these things if you don’t tell us! We won’t be cross – things do break…
  • There are notice boards for events and sign-up sheets in the JCR and most landings around the building – do not use the walls, Academic or Domestic boards.
  • There are also notice boards in every study bedroom and on every study bedroom door – do not fix anything directly to the wall anywhere in the building – damage will be charged.
  • No alcohol in rooms – alcohol may only be consumed in the JCR, kitchen & Dining Room.
  • Netflix and some similar sites are unavailable during working hours on weekdays: they put too much pressure on our IT network.
  • You must be covered by a TV licence to download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand. This applies to any device and provider you use.

    Don’t forget, your TV Licence also covers you to watch or record programmes on any channel as they are being shown on TV or live on an online TV service.

If you would like further information please also see Program Rules & Regulations