Travel & Visits

Middlebury-CMRS students often find it possible to travel during the semester.  In particular, Oxford is in easy reach of London.

However, we advise you to be cautious of booking travel and visits prior to arrival in Oxford. After arrival when your academic schedule will be confirmed, you will be able to plan around your own workload and other extracurricular commitments.

Academic commitments will not be rearranged to suit travel plans.

There is usually a long weekend break between the research course and tutorials and seminars – please email M-CMRS for confirmation of the exact dates.  This long weekend, as well as prior to and at the end of the semester, are the best times for you to schedule travel and/or visits from family and friends without causing too much disruption to your studies.

Family and friends are welcome to visit, but we cannot provide them with accommodation. Please direct them to the Oxford accommodation list.

If you plan to travel to other countries, be advised that regulations regarding necessary visas or entry and exit permits vary and may change at very short notice. Consult a travel agent or the corresponding country’s consulate and/or embassy for current procedures.

Hitchhiking anywhere is strongly discouraged as a matter of College policy. The practice is regarded by European security officials to be extremely unsafe and is often illegal. Buses and trains provide a low-cost, safe alternative.