Housing is provided for students in shared rooms in St. Michael’s Hall, and occasionally in other student accommodation facilities nearby.  All rooms are comfortably furnished, with linen, duvets (comforters) and blankets provided. You must bring your own towels (or purchase them upon arrival) and are responsible for laundering your own clothes.

The Middlebury-CMRS Roommate Questionnaire will be used to help match you with a suitable roommate.

Your accommodation details, address, contact telephone number, and roommate’s details will be emailed to you just before the start of the semester.

St Michael’s Hall

St Michael’s Hall, built in the years between 1869 and 1875, is a tall rectangular building in red brick with large arched windows. From an arcade, the entrance leads upstairs to four floors in which the various activities of Middlebury-CMRS take place. The building is conveniently located downtown, within 150 yards of Carfax, the ancient crossroads of the city and centre of Oxford’s academic, cultural and social life. Excavations opposite the Hall in Shoe Lane support a tenth-century date for the layout of the streets and lanes adjacent to the building.

Two Junior Deans live in the Hall and are responsible for student welfare outside of working hours.

You can learn more about the role of the Junior Deans in the video below.

Take a virtual tour of St. Michael’s Hall by clicking on this link.
Please read the Program Rules & Regulations page for further information about living in St. Michael’s Hall.