Local Information

Emergency Numbers and Addresses

Emergency: Call 999

28 Beaumont Street
Surgery: 01865 311 811
01865 310327
Out of Hours:
0845 345 8995
Web: http://www.28beaumontstreet.co.uk

Please see the Hospitals and Medical Service page for further resources.

Travel and Transportation

  • For buses within Oxford,see the Oxford Bus Company web site.
  • To get to London you can take the train (nicer but rather more expensive), or the Oxford Tube coach.  Check for student discounts and buying multi-journey tickets.
  • If you’re thinking of trips within the UK, the earlier you start planning, the less money you will have to pay (it is also worth avoiding peak rush hour times when fares are higher). The main national coach company is National Express. The official train site is National RailTrainline is often a cheaper way to buy train tickets particularly if you use the SplitSave app or try other ‘Split ticketing’ websites. It will be well worth investing in a young person’s railcard if you plan to use the trains and you can easily sign up for this online, or in person at any train station.
  • Youth hostels are often the best cheap places to stay overnight, but we advise you not to stay overnight in London: it is expensive, and coaches back to Oxford go almost all through the night.  London is so close to Oxford that students often make several day trips. Keep overnight stays as an option if you are travelling further afield.
  • If you are travelling in London, get a pre-payment Oyster card at any Tube station; this is the least expensive way to use public transport in the capital.
  • If you are interested in cycling and purchasing a bicycle, try Bike Zone Summertown Cycles and ask about ‘buy-back’ options. For second-hand cycles see DailyInfo and assume that you will not be able to make your money back by selling it at the end of three months. You must also budget for lights, a helmet and a lock.  You must familiarize yourself with traffic regulations and road safety advice before using a bicycle: talk to Middlebury-CMRS on-site staff about this. A resource for Oxford cyclists is http://www.cyclox.org/ (although you do not need to join the group). There are also bike rental services that can be accessed via a smartphone app.

Other Useful Information

Oxford City Guide

Oxford Visitor Information

Visit Oxford

Oxford Visitor Information Centre

Alternative Accommodation in Oxford (note that visiting friends and family will not be able to stay with you in St. Michael’s Hall)