Students may receive mail at the following address:

Students’ Full Name
St. Michael’s Hall
Shoe Lane

It is inadvisable to send parcels via Courier; whenever possible use a Regular or Priority Postal Service. A priority postal service can be tracked so is a more secure service than regular post.

Certain items mailed from the USA, particularly new clothing/books and other goods (ideally removed from the original wrapping and any labels removed) should be clearly marked as ‘ a gift’, ‘used’ and ‘of no commercial value’ with a declaration form stuck to the parcel showing a nominal value equivalent to less than £15 GBP regardless of the contents, or £39 GBP for item marked as a ‘gift’.  Items with a higher value or not marked in this way will be be stopped at Customs and an import levy charged against them – often a large sum of money.

Middlebury-CMRS will not knowingly accept mail with a payment due. This advice stands whether you choose to use a courier or postal service.