Psychological Health and Counseling

Students should be very realistic about their abilities to function in a cross-cultural environment.  It can be difficult to live abroad and, rather than disappearing in the new surroundings, conditions like anxiety, depression and eating disorders are often exacerbated by a stay in another country.  Psychological counseling services are readily available and costs are covered by the GeoBlue Health Insurance.  If you find yourself in need, you should ask our on-site staff for referrals or refer to on-site posters or the links below.  Students with particular concerns in this area are encouraged to consult with International Programs at Middlebury College and contact M-CMRS in Oxford to make any necessary arrangements for access to services prior to departure.

Middlebury-CMRS offers the following counseling resource:

The counselor who looks after M-CMRS students in Oxford is Virginia Norman.  Please email her to make an appointment or speak to M-CMRS onsite staff if you need help making arrangements.