Packing Suggestions

Checklist of Items to Pack

  • Passport (and photocopy)
  • Immigration or visa documentation (if applicable)
  • Airline ticket/itinerary (and photocopy)
  • International Student Identity Card (optional, but recommended)
  • Insurance card (to be printed from the GeoBlue International Health Insurance after Middlebury enrolls you)
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • Certified copy of original birth certificate (in case your passport is lost or stolen)
  • Medications in original containers and with the corresponding doctor’s prescription (in carry on, not in checked luggage)

General Packing Suggestions

Plan carefully what to bring, keeping in mind that you will have to carry all of your own luggage while traveling. This means TRAVEL LIGHTLY. We cannot emphasize this strongly enough!  Choose each item carefully and avoid duplication.

As you pack for the flight over, also keep in mind that when you travel you will be carrying this same luggage by yourself, sometimes over great distances or on crowded trains, buses and up and down lots of stairs.  Take things that are easy to manage and avoid over-packing.  One rule of thumb is to pack your bags and walk around the block with them three times; then re-pack.

We suggest that you insure your luggage through a travel insurance policy which you can research through the Internet. Remember to also check whether luggage accompanying you is limited by weight or by physical dimensions.  In view of frequently-changing airline regulations, it is essential that you find out from your airline which items may be transported in checked baggage, and which may or must be hand carried.

Although many U.S. brands are sold in England, if you cannot do without certain items or if you are not willing to experiment with local products, take a sufficient supply with you.


Do not pack lots of books in your luggage as they are heavy and expensive. You’ll be reading a great deal when you’re here but you can make use of the extensive library facilities in Oxford.  Students are rarely if ever required to purchase books for their courses and there is no requirement to purchase textbooks as there sometimes is in American institutions.  If you really prefer to have your own copies of books buy them in England and ship them home at the end of the semester.


The English weather is unpredictable.  It would be wise to pack some warm clothes, a raincoat, an umbrella and sensible shoes for walking, or allow money for the purchase of them in England. It is best to pack clothes you can wear in layers: the more layers you can peel off/add on, the more comfortable you will be.

Bed and Bath Linens

All rooms are comfortably furnished with linen, duvets (comforters) and blankets, which are supplied and laundered by M-CMRS. You must bring your own towels (or purchase upon arrival). You are responsible for laundering your own clothes. St. Michael’s Hall has a coin-operated laundry.

Electrical Appliances

American electrical equipment will only work in the UK if it is specifically designed to work with 220-240 Volts and 50 mHz or with an appropriate transformer. Middlebury-CMRS strongly advises you to purchase a converter, transformer or adaptor once you have arrived in the UK, as those purchased in the US tend to be very problematic.  Alternatively, allow money to purchase UK electrical items.


Students should be advised that computer resources in England may be more limited than in the U.S. and are therefore encouraged to bring their own laptops. Consult your dealer to determine whether your laptop has dual voltage (110/220).  Most, if not all, new models are equipped with self-setting transformers (requiring no special equipment to change the voltage, just an adapter for the wall plug); printers may or may not be.

St. Michael’s Hall has a networked Apple Mac computing system with permanent access to the internet. Middlebury-CMRS  has Apple Macs and a cross-platform printer accessible 24-hours a day. St. Michael’s Hall is covered by wireless networks and there are Ethernet points in teaching rooms and every study-bedroom.

Students should ensure their laptops are covered by appropriate insurance. The internet/network may be accessed by Mac or PC Laptops (designed to take 220-240v and 50mHz) which are airport/wireless enabled or installed with an Ethernet card, port, and Ethernet cord (RJ45 connector).  You are required to have regularly updated anti-virus software installed on your laptop before connecting to the Middlebury-CMRS network or internet.  You must learn how to use and set up your own computer before coming. We do not have an IT specialist on staff so can only be of limited help to you.


Toiletries are readily available throughout England. If you are particular about brands, you may want to pack an appropriate supply of the articles you regularly use.


If you are taking any prescription medication you should bring a full supply of what you will need with you on the plane together with all the appropriate prescriptions. Mailing medicines across international borders is extremely complex and often impossible. Prescription medicines should be left in the original containers, be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription, and be packed in your carry-on bags, not in your checked luggage. Please also note that in the event that a prescription must be replaced in England, you should have the GENERIC NAME of your medication on the prescription, in addition to the American ‘brand’ name.

If you are under a doctor’s care for a specific condition, you may want to bring a copy of your medical history with you or sign a release of information form with your doctor in case your medical history needs to be sent to a doctor in England.


Personal possessions, including valuables such as your computer, should be properly insured. Check your existing policy to see whether it extends to international coverage.